Your furniture has been designed to be sat on in comfort, so please use it correctly. Sitting on the edge of the seat cushions and arms will cause premature wearing and distortion of the fillings. The arms in particular come in for a good deal of wear and tear over the years. Try not to rub your hands over them continually. Head pillows can also suffer from soiling by hair or grease. Please use a headrest cover if necessary. Zips are fitted on many cushions to aid manufacture only; covers are not designed to be removed. Be careful with rings, buckles, bracelets, etc. They can all catch on your upholstery. If one of the yarns is snagged, simply cut it short, it will be less noticeable.

If you have chosen Genuine Leather furniture, it is essential to realise that the natural characteristics of Genuine Leather mean that no two hides are ever alike. Although great care is taken to select the hides, it would be impossible and undesirable to obscure all the natural markings, remember these are the living proof of Genuine Leather. Leather is inclined to stretch and will show as creasing to cushion tops. On deep buttoned furniture this can lead to the opening of pleats, this is not a fault but is normal for this type of upholstery. Natural Marks visible on the leather are not faults; they are features of genuine leather that have not been successfully imitated by man.


If your cushions are fibre filled, restore the original shape by flipping and ‘puffing out’ the cushions and pillows regularly. Furniture with a high fabric pile can become flattened in areas such as the armrests. Steam from a boiling kettle will help to raise the crushed pile again. After a while you will notice the foam in the seat cushions will soften by at least 20% of its original hardness – enjoy the comfort of furniture that is now ‘worn-in’. Fabric and leather on the seats will stretch over time, this can be rectified by smoothing out the high use areas on a daily basis. Upholstered furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise fading of the fabric or leather can occur. Protect it by drawing the curtains or blinds or by placing away from windows.

Even light dust and dirt will increase wear on the fabric and can dull the colours, giving a faded appearance. Regular cleaning is essential. Occasionally vacuum your upholstery and go over it with a soft brush. Never use a stiff fibre or metal brush as this will damage the fabric. With Genuine Leather, remove surface dust with a soft duster. If soiled, use a damp cloth (water only) and dry immediately with a soft cloth.



First determine what type of leather you have purchased as the cleaning of leather varies with each type of leather (see Leather Types). Conditioning: do not use spray polish or other chemically based products, avoid saddle soap or abrasive cleaners of any description. Wet Cleaning: is not recommended unless otherwise specified. Do not attempt to wash your La‑Z‑Boy® furniture. This can cause colours to bleed and if the padding becomes damp, staining and interior damage can result. For small stains on fabric use a proprietary stain remover. In furniture of a ‘soft, loose, modern design’ a regular dressing programme should be practiced. This involves ‘plumping up’ of all back, seat and arm cushions. This will help your cushions retain their shape and appearance, giving balanced wear.

Even your La‑Z‑Boy® furniture will age with time and use. However, with care this time can be prolonged making your La‑Z‑Boy® upholstery a continual source of pride and satisfaction.

La‑Z‑Boy® cannot accept liability for damage nor defect resulting from failure to comply with the above advice and instructions.


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