Our recliners are assembled using a four-sided seat-frame that is inserted into the main frame of the chair. This seat-frame houses a mixture of helical and sinuous springs, reducing the stress placed on the seat when someone falls into the chair. This feature allows the seat to retain its shape and strength, ensuring even more years of comfortable reclining. Not only are our recliners strong, they are designed to maintain the cushioning as you recline. This ensures your lower back and tailbone are supported at all times. With head-to-heel support you can be rest assured you will always have full and comfortable body support.

Recliners carry an astonishing 10-year limited warranty. Ask yourself this, which other motion furniture manufacturer offers this type of warranty?





The patented La‑Z‑Boy® Rocker Recliner mechanism carries an amazing 10-year limited warranty and has been designed and tested to operate a minimum of 100,000 times with normal use of the recliner. Ask yourself this, which other motion furniture manufacturer offers this type of warranty?



La‑Z‑Boy® recliners use a solid steel drive shaft for the activation of the footrest. The use of solid steel ensures that the drive shaft will not twist or fail over the lifetime of the chair.



With the La‑Z‑Boy® recliner you are able to adjust the seat and footrest independently to multiple angles. The seat can be adjusted to 18 different angles and the footrest can be locked into 3 different positions. This means that you can recline without having to raise your feet and vice versa. With the seat and footrest operating independently in a La‑Z‑Boy® recliner, simply by shifting your weight you can adjust the seat and footrest into many different angles, allowing you to create a customised position of comfort.



La‑Z‑Boy® recliners are made with a 4-sided seat frame which is inserted into the main frame of the chair. This 4-sided seat frame houses a mixture of helical and sinuous springs, reducing the stress placed on the seat when someone falls into the chair. This feature allows the seat to keep its shape and strength, and ensures even more years of comfortable reclining.



Since the first La‑Z‑Boy® recliner was patented in 1929, the brand has had a unique place in the minds of consumers all over the world. La‑Z‑Boy® did not stop there and has been perfecting the art of reclining comfort ever since and is one of the most recognised names in furniture. It’s no wonder why everyone refers to a chair that moves as a La‑Z‑Boy®. Look for the La‑Z‑Boy® name to know you are buying the genuine article.



The La‑Z‑Boy® footrest does not drop when opened, so your legs are fully supported while sitting comfortably. The locking footrest feature prevents the footrest from sagging under the pressure of your legs, ensuring a complete comfort experience.



La‑Z‑Boy® chairs are designed to maintain the cushioning when you recline. This ensures your lower back and tailbone are supported at all times. With head-to-heel support you can be rest assured you will always have full body support.



The structural integrity of the La‑Z‑Boy® frame is something to brag about. Only the best materials are used, especially when it comes to motion furniture. Unlike some recliners, La‑Z‑Boy® only uses Multi Plywood with a thickness of 18mm for extra durability and flexibility to support the constant movement of the chair. Some recliners use Chipboard, this is not a flexible wood and is not appropriate for use in furniture that moves. La‑Z‑Boy® uses superior Radiata Pine, which is extremely strong as the trees are left to grow for 20 years as opposed to 6-8 years for standard Pine.



With the La‑Z‑Boy® recliner you have the choice of reclining without opening the footrest, so your feet stay firmly on the ground. You can recline the backrest while still being able to enjoy the luxury of rocking, most suitable for new mothers.



La‑Z‑Boy® offers you the opportunity to customise your chair to suit your specific needs. The backrest tension can be adjusted to the level of effort required for you to move the chair backwards into the position you want. You will find two wing nuts on the bottom of the chair that can be adjusted to your desired level of tension. Thus, offering you customised comfort.



La‑Z‑Boy® chairs are built to last. La‑Z‑Boy® uses a four-sided frame to provide maximum strength and rigidity to the recliner. This frame design stands up to the challenges of everyday use and reduces the stress on the mechanism, ensuring a smooth operation and extended life. Giving you so many more years to enjoy your La‑Z‑Boy®.



All La‑Z‑Boy® recliner mechanisms are hand-assembled. This makes the servicing of the chair, if required, less costly and hassle-free. There is no need to replace the entire mechanism, but rather replace the parts that may be faulty. Just another way you can relax with La‑Z‑Boy®.



According to a post on Web MD, a study was conducted that suggested sitting in an upright position for many hours could lead to prolonged back pain.

The researchers studied the seating positions of 22 volunteers, using the “positional” magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This MRI machine enabled imaging while the volunteers were in different seated positions, i.e., slouched forward (as if hunched over a desk or playing a video game), an upright 90-degree angle and reclined at about 135-degrees (with the feet on the floor). The volunteers’ spinal positioning while seated was then examined. The outcome of the study was that the 135-degree reclining position places less stress on the spine and may decrease the risk of back pain.

Researcher, Waseem Amir Bashir, MBChB, a clinical fellow in the department of radiology and diagnostic imaging at the University of Alberta Hospital in Canada stated in a news release: “A 135-degree body-thigh sitting posture was demonstrated to be the best biomechanical sitting position, as opposed to a 90-degree posture, which most people consider normal.” Bashir continued, “Sitting in a sound anatomic position is essential, since the strain put on the spine and its associated ligaments over time can lead to pain, deformity and chronic illness.” “This may be all that is necessary to prevent back pain, rather than trying to cure pain that has occurred over the long term due to bad postures,” says Bashir.

This research study seems to be echoed by a survey that was done across the U.S.A.

According to a post in Medical Condition News, a nationwide survey was conducted in the U.S.A where 68% of the doctors surveyed said they were likely to recommend that their patients experiencing back pain sit in a reclined position to help alleviate the pain.

“We hear a lot about the importance of exercise and stretching muscles to relieve back pain but the fact is that resting those muscles properly is just as important,” says Dr. Dave David, a board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. “Sitting in a reclined position provides full body support – from the upper back down to your legs – which relaxes surrounding muscles, ultimately taking tension away from the pain-ridden area.”

According to the survey, 80% of doctors recommend that their patients sit in a reclined position with their legs raised up high and their back slightly or completely reclined. Dr. David agreed that this position provided the appropriate lumbar support and pressure required to help relieve the pain experienced in the back muscles, more specifically those in the lumbar region – which is used for stability and is an important part of the body’s core.

The survey also revealed varying types of back pain that doctors feel could be lessened by sitting in a reclined position, these include muscle strain, degenerative changes and pregnancy-associated back pain. Dr. David recommended relaxing in reclining furniture offering total body and lumbar support, as well as the option of varying degrees of reclining to suit each person’s support needs. “Back pain is one of the top reasons people visit their doctors,” adds Dr. David. “My patients are always pleased to learn that reclining is a real solution to help ease their pain. I hope that with this new research, other sufferers can find relief too.”

Another interesting outcome from the survey conducted was that 60% of the doctors surveyed each owned reclining furniture at home.

There’s no truer definition of “practice what you preach”.

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