The EMBASSY CORNER suite can be customised to fit your required space.  No-arm chairs can be added to create more seating; consoles can be added to offer more cupholders and storage compartments.

The EMBASSY CORNER suite is supplied with 2 incliner chairs, 1 on each end of the corner suite.

More details

The EMBASSY CORNER suite has the following upholstery cover choices:

>  Fabric

>  Leather Uppers

>  Full Leather

Dimensions (assembles as per image) (HxWxD):

>  From Left to Corner: 980 x 2445 x 980mm

>  From Right to Corner: 980 x 1985 x 980mm

Dimensions (individual parts for customization) (HxWxD):

>  No-arm chair: 980 x 630 x 980mm

>  Console: 980 x 460 x 980mm

>  Curve: 980 x 950 x 980mm