The Genuine La-Z-Boy

Having pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, the company could have simply rested on its laurels. Fortunately for the world it did not. Over the next seven decades, La-Z-Boy innovated, improved and broadened its range.

It's reputation for comfort, quality and desirability spread across the world, including South Africa, where La-Z-Boy became the generic name for all recliners. Yet there remained only one true La-Z-Boy brand and the great news is that it's better and more stylish than ever before.

Need A Friend?

A Recliner designed and styled just for you. Always there for support when you need it most. We all need a friend. Let us help find yours.

Brand Quality

La-Z-Boy remains one of the world’s most recognized and trusted furniture brands and La-Z-Boy is available in selected retailers in South Africa. There is now a wide range of modern, stylish recliners and lounge suites concepts now available.